What We Do For Our Clients

ADVOCACY → Crafting Strategies for Success

Altrius Group sits down with clients on day one to learn about their priorities and their vision for success. Together, we craft a strategy that builds on our collective assets and strengths.

We will dedicate all our resources, relationships and experience to help deliver real results that benefit our clients. Our advocacy tools include:

    • Client fly-ins
    • Political events
    • Meetings with Congress and the Administration
    • Coalition building
    • Client training on lobbying and effective messaging
    • Doorknocks
    • Grassroots development and engagement
    • Media training

LOBBYING → Delivering results

Your priorities are our priorities. Altrius Group has decades of collective experience delivering concrete results lobbying the Hill, Administrative agencies and foreign governments.

Altrius Group lobbies on a broad array of issues and priorities in the domestic and international arenas, including:

    • International trade
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • International taxation
    • Agriculture
    • Legal reform
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Appropriations

TRADE PROMOTION → Generating business opportunities around the world

Proper implementation of trade agreements is critical. We work with clients and governments to negotiate and enforce key provisions in international agreements. Altrius Group has conducted numerous business and trade promotion tours across America and abroad, helping clients close deals and generate tens of millions of dollars in new business opportunities.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING → Building winning alliances

Altrius Group has decades of experience and established relationships with decision-makers and key government officials in Washington, Latin America and Asia. Often we resolve issues or provide answers quickly and quietly with a simple phone call or short meeting. We work with our clients to help them build AND grow their network of winning alliances in government and the media.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE → Promoting international growth

We have helped promote international growth and business opportunities for our clients by working on the negotiation, enactment and implementation of free trade agreements. In the current environment, we will need to redouble efforts to explain the benefits of trade and continue the process of opening markets in the U.S. and overseas.

UNRAVELING DISPUTES → Resolving commercial disputes

Enactment and implementation of international agreements is always difficult. Altrius Group works with business and association clients every day to resolve disputes and, as appropriate, to take forceful countermeasures to ensure that client priorities are being honored.

SERVICE → Client satisfaction is #1

Altrius Group believes that client satisfaction is our top priority. We maintain strong client loyalty because we are fiercely loyal to our clients and their interests.