Altrius Group Testimonials


Results matter. When we needed help on a critical issue to the American business community doing business in Brazil, we reached out to the Altrius Group. They delivered. Bill Morley and his team used their decades of experience and strong relationships with U.S. and Brazilian political leaders to help us develop and execute a strategy for renewal of key trade benefits. Their efforts helped American companies and consumers save billons of dollars in unnecessary and counterproductive tariffs.

Mickey Peters, Group Vice President of Regional Operations Duke Energy International; Former Chairman of the Board, American Association of Chambers of Commerce, Latin America (AACCLA)

“Bill Morley and the Altrius Group are not only straight shooters, but they live by the adage that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Never one to mystify the process, Bill is the first to roll up his sleeves and get results. From supporting Free Trade Agreements with Latin America to supporting trade with China, Bill Morley and the Altrius Group have been the “tip of the spear” that has pushed these agreements through Congress.”

– – William C. Lane, Former Director for Governmental Affairs, Caterpillar, Inc.


“As a businessman representing an oil and gas company doing business in Peru, we understood the importance of bringing in experts to help us with the trade agreement between the United States and Peru. From the moment we hired them, Bill Morley and Reeve Wolford have demonstrated a tireless commitment to our cause. Having made numerous trips to Washington, DC and traveling with them around Capitol Hill, we were always impressed at how many people know and respect them.”

“Bill and Reeve are very knowledgeable, and their advice and political intelligence are invaluable. Altrius Group has a strong reputation as a firm that can deliver results, and they always delivered for us.”

– – Rex Canon, President and CEO, The Maple Companies


“We got to know Bill when he was the chief trade lobbyist at the US Chamber of Commerce. When he left the Chamber, we were one of his first clients. Altrius Group helped us secure enactment of important trade legislation that knocked down archaic trade barriers and has freed up tens of millions of dollars in new economic benefits to our companies and has helped support thousands of jobs in Central America.”

– – Jose Orive, AICA (Central American Sugar Growers Association)


“The Altrius Group has developed a reputation for getting things done on international trade. Bill Morley brings to the table a commitment and passion for trade agreements. Whether he is meeting with Members of Congress in Washington, traveling to their Districts or taking the case to our trading partners overseas, Bill and the Altrius Group deliver results. We just had the opportunity to travel to Colombia with Bill Morley and the Altrius Group and were impressed with their strong relationships in the region and solid understanding of the politics and the policies that will be critical to moving forward on the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.”

– – Selina Jackson, Vice President, International Public Affairs, UPS

“We have been very pleased to work with the Altrius Group on our global strategy to build an understanding and support for American innovation and intellectual property. Bill Morley and the Altrius Group have decades of experience working with Capitol Hill and with U.S. and foreign government officials. They’re not only smart, they know how to get things done.”

– – Joe Damond, Former Vice President, Pfizer


“Bill has a well-deserved reputation as a passionate and highly effective advocate for his clients on international trade. With Altrius Group’s help, we traveled to Washington DC on 18 separate occasions over a 2 year period and held over 425 meetings with Members of Congress, the Administration and staff. Bill and his team were there with us every step of the way. Bill is hard working, dedicated and highly respected by the Administration and by Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. His efforts and personal advocacy made a huge difference and helped us achieve an enormous win for our members.”

“In my view, and I am sure that my colleagues from other countries will agree, Bill possesses a rare ability to quickly absorb an issue, develop a winning strategy and approach, and proceed to implement it with a passion. Of course, campaigns of that scale require many moving parts, which is why Bill’s talent in recruiting others, including Fortune 500 executives, policymakers, and key sectoral groups, reveal the traits of a true leader and a professional. I have had the pleasure to personally witness his effective and convincing arguments in meetings with congressmen and senior officials while lobbying on sensitive matters and we have relied on him in the past for drafting important communications pieces such as congressional testimonies and public statements.”

“In addition, the Altrius Group was an indispensable asset when working to help resolve several high-profile investor-state disputes involving U.S. investors in various sectors. Senior company representatives both in Peru as well as in the U.S. headquarters have recognized Bill’s many valuable contributions and maintain the highest degree of respect for him.”

– – Aldo Defilippi, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Peru

“During consideration of the DR-CAFTA trade legislation, I had the opportunity to travel around the United States with Bill for meetings with editorial boards, local business leaders, news media, and company employees for all sizes of businesses. Bill was a very forceful and effective advocate for trade. But more than that he was able to generate great enthusiasm and support for the trade agenda. Through his efforts, we were able to achieve unprecedented grassroots support for DR-CAFTA and defeat the well organized and equally motivated opponents.”

– – Ambassador F. Tomas Dueñas, Costa Ricas former Ambassador to the United States


“I have had the opportunity to work with Bill for nearly a decade.”

“Bill is one of the smartest, most thoughtful and hardest working lobbyists in town. His passion for the business agenda and ability to communicate that passion with sound arguments to elected officials and the media make him an extremely effective lobbyist.”

“Securing congressional votes on international trade matters are always very tough. Bill worked closely with the Clinton and Bush Administrations and Hill leadership on both sides of the political spectrum to build support successfully to move the trade agenda forward positively. He traveled around the country, meeting with small business owners, community leaders and the media, and helped to educate and mobilize their support of international trade. These efforts paid big dividends.”

“Working with Bill, we were able to translate grassroots support in key districts into winning margins in congressional votes on China PNTR, Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, and free trade agreements with Chile, Singapore, Australia, Central America, the Dominican Republic, Peru and others.”

“I recommend the Altrius Group without hesitation to anyone seeking a firm with knowledge, with the analytical capacity to determine the best path forward, with thoughtfulness and tact in lobbying members of Congress and in building relationships.”

– – R. Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


“Your work with the business community was really first rate. And my colleagues have relayed to me time and again that you were both tireless and focused with a good sense of the votes. Thanks very much for helping us to return momentum to the President’s trade agenda by working closely with us to get these FTAs over the line.”

– – Ambassador Robert Zoellick, Former USTR Ambassador and World Bank President, in August 10, 2003 letter to Bill Morley

“I have known and worked with Bill Morley and the Altrius Group team for years. They are top quality professionals and tireless advocates on behalf of their clients.”

“Altrius Group brings determination and diligence to any issue they work on — and they deliver real results. So whether it is promoting access to energy markets overseas, pushing for negotiation and enforcement of trade agreements, or providing strategic political guidance at home or abroad — Altrius Group gets the job done.”

Gabe Pellathy, Westinghouse Electric Company
Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce


“I have worked with Reeve and Bill at the Altrius Group on various occasions and have seen the proof of their effectiveness. In addition to having an extensive network of contacts in Congress and other U.S. government branches, the Altrius Group team also enjoys good relations with businessmen and Brazilian government officials, which certainly sets them apart from their professional peers.”

“Reeve possesses a quality difficult to find in Americans: sensitivity to comprehend the cultural diversities of Brazil. Beyond Altrius Group’s long-standing relationship with Brazil, Reeve knows the socio-political reality of Brazil and has a proven fluency in the language, which enables him to conduct analyses and undertake sensitive activities of interlocution and positive influence within the Brazilian government and private sector.”

– – Fabio Rua, Manager, International Relations, Vale


“When the American National Standards Institute made the decision to expand our footprint into Latin America and invigorate our agenda in the region, the Altrius Group was my first choice. I have known Reeve Wolford and Bill Morley for years and know their business development experience and contacts in Latin America are first rate and could help grow our project portfolio there. For an organization like ours, it is equally important to choose a partner who can get up to speed quickly on the complexities of standards and conformity assessment policy and represent us accurately. Reeve and the Altrius Group was an excellent choice in that regard as well.”

– – Steven Bipes, Former Senior Director, International Policy, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and former Executive Director, Brazil-US Business Council

“I collaborated often with Reeve and the Altrius Group when I worked as Investment and Trade Officer at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington. They work hard but also pay close attention to detail, a fact I observed when we put together a meeting in New York between U.S. infrastructure company executives and Minister of Planning Guido Mantega during the visit of President Lula to the United States. Since those days, we’ve kept in touch since we both have a keen professional interest in the evolution of biofuels, and Brazil-U.S. cooperation in their development.”

– – Michael Rinelli, Former Investment & Trade Promotion Officer, Brazilian Embassy, and Director, South American Biofuels Service, Hart Energy Consulting